Terrazas de Punta Fuego - AMENITIES

There are a lot of excellent features and amenities that characterize Terrazas De Punta Fuego. To name but a few, the following are some of the notable ones.

De Los Picos Pavilion

This amenity which is a 6000-square meter central park is situated along Dela Cresta. It is fully accessible to families who own property at the Terrazas De Punta Fuego. The main intention for the central park is to serve as a focal destination for families that want to interact or even residents who want a quiet place for outdoor activities.

The park has an extensive playground, wide open areas where children can run around and test their limits safely. There are also infinity pools for you to relax and enjoy.

De Los Picos Linear Park

This is a 5-meter wide park that stretches over a length of approximately 500 meters. It is located along the magnificent De Los Picos cliff. At some point, the Linear Park passes through De Los Picos Pavilion thereby merging the two amenities in such a fashionable way. This Linear Park is designed for jogging, biking, and for leisurely strolls as families enjoy the breathtaking view.

The Beach Club and Boardwalk

If you are a fan of luxury dining, this beach club and boardwalk amenity will bring you to the point of sampling some of the sumptuous meals prepared by qualified chefs in Café Del Sol. While here, you will enjoy a cascading pool referred to as the Turtle Pool. With more than 28 interlinked beachfront cabanas, you get to choose which one you want. There is also a juice bar which gives you a perfect place to lounge as you view the sunset. There are air-conditioned locker rooms which are absolutely useful during the hottest months of the year.

Basketball Court

You don’t have to be a basketball pro to play here. Terrazas De Punta Fuego supports an active lifestyle and all these facilities including the basketball court were done to enhance the spirit of a healthy lifestyle. You can even play around with your neighbors as you interact and get to know one another. The quality of the basketball court as well as its size can give anyone who wants a real challenge or is preparing for a major competition an uninterrupted opportunity.

Tennis Courts

Just like the basketball court, you can learn tennis right here as you play with the pros in the game. If you don’t like vigorous sporting activities, you can come here and exercise as you play friendly sets with your neighbors.

24/7 Security

Everyone knows that safety both of life and property is a key factor in any residential dwelling. In Terrazas De Punta Fuego, this has been brought out clearly through the prioritization of security and surveillance. The gate is always secured and those coming in and going out are monitored to ensure everyone is safe. Needless to say, this happens without interfering with your personal life.

Professional Village Management

Terrazas De Punta Fuego is managed professionally including all activities such as garbage collection, sewerage management, and the general upkeep of the area. This ensures that the area is always looking neat and maintains its tourism attractiveness. 

  • Swimming Pool
  • Linear Park
  • View Deck
  • The Beachclub and Boardwalk
  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Courts
  • 24-Hr Security
  • Professional Village Management
  • Gated Community
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